WhatsApp not showing DP- Profile Picture of few contacts [FIXED]


WhatsApp is a messaging app with more than a billion users and owned by Facebook inc. WhatsApp has a lot of user base worldwide with more than 500 Million active users per month globally. WhatsApp helps you to connect with your friends and family, Have a conversation with them, Send pictures/videos, Share stories, Share important files over Messages.
With great messaging platforms comes security and privacy issues and WhatsApp is a great platform for managing your privacy. It has a lot of options to manage each and every component related to privacy. Let it be showing profile picture to your contacts or showing the story, Last seen, Bluetick, etc. With WhatsApp, you can manage everything.
Last week one of our readers requested us to post an article about his problem of “Whatsapp Not showing DP of Few contacts” this is a common problem among all WhatsApp users. Now there are many different reasons that are blocking the access of WhatsApp profile picture including privacy settings. In this article, we are going to give you some simple and easy steps to fix this Whatsapp Profile picture not showing the issue. Also, these methods will work on android as well as ios devices.

WhatsApp Not Showing DP Of Few Contacts : 

Fix #1 Whatsapp DP not visible issue :

If someone is not able to view your DP on WhatsApp then please check your privacy settings for the same. Most of the times the default privacy settings don’t allow anyone who is not in your contact list to view your profile photo. Check if the user’s contact number is saved in your phone and also check if your contact number is saved in your friend’s phone book. to check your profile photo privacy settings go to Settings >> Privacy >> Profile Photo and set Who can see your profile photo – DP. Also, ask your friend to follow the same steps and check his/her DP Privacy Settings in WhatsApp

Fix #2 – Delete the contact on either device:

This is far most the easiest way to get this problem fixed quickly. You can delete the contact of the person who’s WhatsApp DP is not working or is blank. All you have to do is to delete their number from your phone book and save it again with the same name or different name (we would suggest you save that number with another name so that while refreshing your list you will see the changes) once done, go back to WhatsApp app and refresh your contacts list again and see if the Profile picture problem is fixed.
If the problem still exists then it’s better to ask your friend to follow the same steps given above and check again with the problem.

Method #3 Clean Whatsapp data and cache files :

if the above two methods do not work for you then it’s better to clear the data stored on your phone. (Note: Please take a backup of your WhatsApp to Google Drive to prevent any data loss.
Once you have the backup ready, go to settings and Under Personal settings, you will find Apps. Click on the Apps button and click on the Application list This will open a list of apps currently installed on your phone.
Look for WhatsApp and click on it, a new window will open with app info which includes Permissions, Data Usage, Storage, Battery tabs. Click on storage and clear cache.
Now go to Whatsapp App and again refresh your contacts and you will see the problem of DP not showing Fixed.

Not Able to View Your Friends DP/ Profile Picture?

Even after performing the above 3 steps you are not able to see your friends profile picture or your profile picture is not getting loaded at your friend’s place on his/her mobile then you can also try setting up your profile picture from pc. Follow these simple steps to do that :

  • Go to web.whatsapp.com
  • Scan the QR Code given on the website by opening the Whatsapp App on mobile and clicking on Whatsapp Web Option (As shown in the image below)
  • Now go to your profile on PC and update your profile photo from there.
  • Once done ask your friend to check if its working or not.

Click on whatsapp web

Conclusion :

We have given you all the steps to troubleshoot the WhatsApp DP Not showing to contacts issue, However, there are no limits to different method usages. Please use any method above and check what is working for you get how it can solve the Blank WhatsApp Profile picture issue.
If you still need help then please comment below and our support staff will reply to you As soon as possible with a fix.

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