How to Fix "YouTube Filters not Working"


In the past couple of days a lot of youtube users complaint that their Youtube Filters are not working and they are unable to sort videos properly using the video duration, Upload date or video quality filter.
What Happens when Youtube Filters are not Working.
Youtube has if not thousands then hundreds of videos on any given topic and it is really hard to search for the exact information or videos on Youtube unless and until you watch them and decide which video will solve your problem. Watching such videos is going to take a lot of your time and thus Youtube Filters comes in as a handy tool.
With YouTube Filters you can customize your search and filter out a lot of videos as per the conditions. For such conditions, youtube already offers you a lot of Functionality to filter out the results. With youtube filters you can sort videos based on their.

  • Upload Date
  • Type
  • Duration
  • Quality and Video Type
  • Sort YouTube Videos

youtube filters
With “Upload Date“, you can easily filter out the videos based on their Uploaded date as Last Hour, Today, This week, This month or This year. You can also set whether you want to search for a Single video or channel or Playlist using “Type” Youtube Filter and Video length using Duration filter. Viewers can also select Special video types such as Video 360, VR180 or 4k video type using Features filter and Sort videos using “Sort” Filter Option.

The Solutions to Fix “YouTube Filters not Working”

Fixing this issue is not up to us but we can use some tips and tricks to get rid of Youtube Filters not working problem. And to begin with we have listed some easy ways to quickly fix this issue.

  • Clear Browing Cache and Cookies.
  • Use Different Youtube Account.
  • Use Google Search Filters to Filter Youtube Videos.

For Clearing Browser cooking on Chrome
Clearing Browing Cache or Cookies is one of the Easiest ways to fix Youtube Filters not working. If you are using chrome then simply click on the Three dots shows at the Top-right side of your screen and Select The “More Tools” Option from the given drop-down list and Select “Clear Browing Data”
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A new Popup window will open with Multiple Options. Click on Advanced and Click the Blue box in front of The “Cookies and other site data” option and click on “Clear Data” Button.
[Solved] Twitch 2000 Network Error on Browser
It might take some time depending upon the size of Cookies saved on your Computer. Once done, Restart your browser and check for the applied changes.
For Clearing Browser cooking on Firefox Browser
If you are accessing Youtube from Firefox browser then simply click on Three lines at the Top-Right corner of your browser and Select The “Library” option and click on History and Clear Recent History.
Clear Firefox browsing cookies
On a new screen Select Time Range to clear as “Everything” and click on Blue box in front of Cookies option and Click on “Clear Now” Button to clear cookies.
Firefox Clear history tab
Please make sure that you only click on the blue box in front of Cookies option otherwise you might also clear other browsing data like passwords, Autofill and Browsing History.
After Cleaning the cookies just Restart your browser and check for if the Youtube Filters not working problem is fixed.

Use Google Search Filters to Filter Youtube Videos

Step #1: Open and go to search

google homepage
Step 2: Now type in your search query after typing how to learn python
youtube filters not working

Step 3: Now Click on the Tools option and select your Desired Filters

settings for youtube filters
Using these Filters you can set the video duration, Video Country, Video Time and other options. You should use this only when Youtube filters are not working even when you have cleared the cache or the Youtube Filters have some Coding bug or server issue.

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