Spotify keeps pausing Songs | Fixed Spotify Keeps Stopping on Your Device

[intro]Have you ever came across Spotify keeps pausing while you are enjoying your music? Well, this is a common issue all the Spotify users face because of some of the features of android it restricts certain functionalities of the Spotify app and in this article, we are going to guide you on how to solve this issue on your Mobile device or PC.
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Spotify is High-quality music streaming app having more than a Billion Active users per month. Spotify offers Free Music or if you want additional features then Spotify also offers a Premium music option. but while streaming this music online – a lot of users faced a problem with Spotify keeps pausing their music while they stream a song and or a playlist.
The user generally faces this problem while using other apps playing music on Spotify in Background or turning off the mobile screen for 20-30 seconds while the song starts playing once they unlock their mobile phone but somethings the user has to go back to the app to keep playing the songs properly and this is a common problem on all devices. We are going to tell you how you can solve the problem on your PC or your Mobile device easily.

Solve Spotify keeps pausing Songs:

Method #1: Turn OFF Battery Saver mode on your device

if you are using an Android or iPhone device then you should Disable battery saver mode on your device, Also exclude the Spotify app from getting optimized for batter saving.
Turn OFF the battery saver mode by pulling down the notification slider and deselecting the “Battery Saver” icon. You also have to make sure that Spotify’s app is excluded from Battery saver functionality otherwise your android device will limit some of the Features for the Spotify app because of which your app will not function properly and will keep pausing your Music.

  1. Open Settings on your android device.
  2. Under the “Device” Settings, Click Battery.
  3. Tap on “Battery Optimization” from the menu
  4. Click on Spotify App’s icon and select “don’t Optimize”.

spotify keeps pausing

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