How to Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup

Spotify is cloud-based music Streaming app with millions of active users per month. Over the years Spotify has emerged as one of the best music streaming app because of its simplicity and ease of use. The Company offers its music for free as well as in the paid package if you want high-quality, Ad-free music experience. The best thing about Spotify is its cross-platform compatibility which means you can access the app on your mobile phone as well as your PC or Mac. Earlier we also discussed how to solve the Spotify keeps stopping issue on your device.

Over recent years Spotify has released a lot of updates for its mobile and PC users and one of the updates encourages Spotify Desktop application to open on Startup or the app starts as soon as you boot your Windows or Mac which can sometimes be a little annoying. In this article, we are going to show you how you can stop Spotify from opening on Startup.

How to Stop Spotify from opening on Startup

Step #1: Launch the Spotify app on your Mac

You can do that by Clicking Command+ Spacebar on your Mac and searching for “Spotify” and clicking on the first option. After you open your Spotify app, You will see a down-arrow icon near your name on the upper-right corner. Click on the arrow and select “Settings” from the options.

Spotify Mac application
Click on settings in your Spotify app

Step #2: Scroll down till you find Advanced Settings option

On the Settings tab scroll down till you see a button that says “Advanced Settings” and click on it to open the “advanced settings” menu.

Step #3: Click on Show Advanced Settings button and search for “Startup and Windows Behaviour”

under Advanced settings just scroll down a little and you will find an option which says “Startup and Windows Behavior”

how to stop spotify from opening on startup

Step #4: Under “Startup and Window Behaviour” select “No” from the dropdown list

Under Startup and Windows behavior you will find a text which says “Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer” and a select box with options like Minimized, Yes and No. The “Minimized” option means that the App will open on startup but it will be minimized and won’t be shown on your Desktop screen while “Yes” means the app will startup and will be shown on your desktop and the “No” option means that it will stop Spotify app from opening on startup.

spotify opens on startup

There is also another way for Mac users by changing some System settings to Stop Spotify from opening on Startup.

Stop Spotify from opening on Startup Mac using System Preferences

Step 1: Go to System Preferences

On your Mac, Open System Preferences and click on “Users & Groups” Option from the list.

how to stop spotify from opening on startup mac

Step 2: Hide Spotify from opening on startup

On the next window click on Login Items and then click on the “+” sign button to add “Spotify” to the list of items that will open automatically on startup and then click the checkbox in front of Spotify to ensure that the App is hidden from opening on Startup.

Hide Spotify from opening on startup 

Stop Spotify from opening on Startup Windows:

For windows also the steps are similar to that of what we saw for Mac users.

  1. Open Spotify application on your Windows Computer.
  2. go into Settings by Clicking on the down-arrow icon and selecting “Settings” From the Drop-down Menu.
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Show Advanced Settings” button.
  4. Click on that button and go into advanced settings.
  5. Under “Startup and Windows Behaviour” Select “No” and Click Save.

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