How to Message Someone on YouTube | 3 Easy ways to Contact any Youtube Channel


[intro]Want to send someone a message on YouTube? Well, You can’t directly send a message to someone on Youtube however you can try and contact them by using some other ways. Youtube removed sending message features a lot ago and now you can only try a few alternatives ways which we have found to message someone on Youtube.

Youtube is a video hosting and Search engine website with over a Billion monthly active users worldwide. Youtube has a lot of Videos on Mostly all the topics. It is also a good place to gain knowledge by watching informative, News, Live Updates. But as the Video hosting service has a lot of Channels and Content Creators on its platform sometimes the subscribers or viewers of that video need to contact the Creator or Channel for some personal reasons. Youtube also offers you a lot of Youtube Filters which you can use to sort your search results according to your preference. Back in July 2018, Youtube removed the ability to send or receive private messages and you can’t directly send someone message on Youtube but there are some other ways using which you can Message the Channel on Youtube.

How to send a Message on Youtube

As we said earlier that you can not message someone on youtube directly but you can use some alternative methods such as.

  • Send Business Inquiry Email on Youtube.
  • Contact the Content Creators on Social Networking websites.
  • Visit the Content Creator’s website and find their Contact Email or Contact Page.


Method #1: Send Business Inquiry Email on Youtube

Even if there is no option direct option to send a message on Youtube, The platform still provides other methods for Content creators and Channel owners to receive business and sponsor inquiries, and one way of doing it by sending the Business inquiry Emails on Youtube.
To send a Business Enquiry email on Youtube all you have to do is to visit that channel on and go to their About section. Under the Details tab besides Business Inquiries, you will find a button saying “View Email Address“. Simply click on that button >> Perform the captcha and Youtube will show you the email Id of that content creator.
message someone on youtube
The above-given method only works if the Youtube Channel owner has already provided the Business Email id and you can only see this feature available on Youtube Desktop so if you are trying to find the Email id of the content creator on the Youtube mobile app then you are likely to fail.

Method #2: Contact the Content Creators on Social Networking websites

Another way to Message Someone on Youtube is by finding their other Social media profiles. See, Social media is best to communicate with your friends and family but it also helps you to connect with your favorite Youtube content creator. You can directly contact them through Facebook, Instagram by sending them a private message, or via Twitter by mentioning them in a tweet.
To Find their social media profile links just visit their Channel on Youtube and try to find their social networking profile links in the Description section of their videos or by going to their “About Tab”. You can also find their Social media profiles by directly visiting the individual social network and searching for their Channel name there.

Method #3: Visit Their Website or a Blog

A lot of Youtuber content creators own a website or a Product store or even a small blog from where you can directly contact them by using the contact us page available on the website or by finding their Email id.
Youtube is a great place to watch videos and gain knowledge. The video market is growing rapidly and a lot of people prefer videos over regular text or images and the rate of video consumption is increased than what it was a few years ago.
If you want to get in contact with your favorite Content creator or to know what your Favorite Channel is cooking for you then you better start following them on other Social networking websites as well and try to engage with their content. Contacting them is easy if you know the right way and place to find their contact information. If you know any other ways apart from the listed above to message someone on Youtube then please do share them with us.

Final Words!

There are many more ways to find contact details of your favorite YouTuber. However, Try to find legit methods and contact them only if they are available for collaboration or Question answering.

You can also try websites like Twitch or Quora to get more details about the Youtuber you are trying to message.

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