How to Block Youtube Channels


[intro]There can be multiple ways to Block youtube channels according to your choice. Whether you want to Block certain users from commenting on your Channels or You want to block certain channels and their content from appearing on your Youtube’s Homepage. Whatever the reason is, in this article, we are going to cover both the topics and help you to Block Youtube Channels


Block Someone From Commenting or interacting on your Youtube Channel

Youtube Doesn’t allow you to specifically block any person directly but there are some ways using which you can block that person from commenting or interacting with your content.
For Blocking someone on Youtube following these steps:

  1. Go to and search for the User’s account you want to block.
  2. Click on their channel name and go to their About section.
  3. Click on the Flag icon and select “Block”
  4. Click Confirm to block that user on Youtube.


Step 1: Go to and search for the User’s account or channel you want to block

search youtube channel

Step 2: Click on their channel name and go to their About section.

Click on the Channel’s name or icon and on the next window you will see a menu with different options click on the last option which says “About”

Step 3: Click on the Flag icon and select “Block”

Click on The Flag icon and from the Drop-down list select “Block” to block that youtube channel.
Click flag icon and select block to block youtube channel

Step 4: Click Confirm to block that user on Youtube.

Block someone on youtube-2

Block Youtube Channel From showing Content

If you are tired of seeing a certain type of content on Youtube which you don’t like or want to block certain Youtube channel form appearing on your Youtube’s Homepage then follow these steps.

1.Block Youtube Channel Using Extension

If you are looking to block certain channels using your browser then you can use Video Blocker Extension which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser. The Extension will help you to Block Youtube Channels or videos based on Specific Keywords, or channel titles.
You can add Channels and Videos to the block list using 3 different methods.

  1. Directly Block Channels
  2. Wildcard
  3. Keyword-based blocking

You can add a Video Blocker extension to your Chrome or any other compatible browser and head over to the browser icon. There are three options and an input field. You can either enter the channel name or the keywords you want to block from Youtube. Another way is to Right-click on the video title and select “Block Videos From this Youtube Channel”

2. Use Restricted Mode on Youtube

Another way of blocking Specific Videos or Blocking Youtube channels is to use Restricted Mode. Using this mode Youtube will only Display you videos that are submitted as per the Community-Standard Guidelines and any video spreading adult, Sensitive or Restricted information will be blocked from your homepage. This mode is also recommended for children.
There is not an exact method of how Youtube decides which video to block but as per Youtube Guidelines, The Restricted mode uses a lot of different metrics like Video Title, Description, Content, Visual representation, Thumbnail, etc to determine whether to show this videos or not.
To enable Restricted Mode on your Computer, simply head over to and click on your profile picture. From the Dropdown list select the last option which says “Restricted Mode” and click on the toggle button to turn it on.


That’s it. You have learned a lot of different methods using which you can easily Block Youtube Channels or Block Youtube Videos from your Homepage, Recommendations, and search. If you are still getting a problem with the videos then simply Log out of your youtube account and create a new Google Account and link it to Youtube. With this new account, you just have to enable the Restricted mode and Youtube will block certain channels that are inappropriate to the audience.
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