How to change Spotify username – 3 Easy Ways


[intro]Tired of Random Username stealing your identity on Spotify? don’t worry in this article we are going to learn “How to Change Spotify username” using different methods and get a real user name to socialize more on Spotify and share your playlists with Friends, Family, and public.

Spotify generally does not allow its users to change their username but we have found some quick and easy solutions for this problem and we are going to show you the exact steps to successfully change your Spotify Username.

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Spotify is a music streaming and sharing app which has become popular in recent years because of its playlists and quality of Music Streaming service. The app currently has over 100M downloads and it is operational in multiple countries including the USA, UK, India, Canada.

The biggest problem people face with Spotify is having a random username, Spotify basically generates automated usernames for the people who sign up using Email id, However, if you have signed up using Facebook then Spotify will display your Facebook profile’s name as your Username and today we are going to show you how you can play a little with Spotify settings and change Spotify Username.

How to Change Spotify Username

There are few ways using which you can easily change your Spotify Username without losing your Music Streaming History and Playlists data on the app.
Ways to change Spotify Username

  • Connect Your Facebook Account.
  • Create a new Spotify Account.
  • Change your Display Name on Spotify


Connect Your Facebook Account

One easy method Spotify users can use to change the username on Spotify is to Connect your existing account to Spotify or create a new Facebook account and Connect it to Spotify.
While Connecting your Facebook account with Spotify will also give you access to your Profile photo and Friends list to Spotify which can later be used to connect you with your friends on Spotify and share or listen to the music your friends are listening to.
When you connect your Facebook account with Spotify, The app will replace your Spotify default Username or alias with your Facebook Display Name (Your name on Facebook).

Connect Facebook to Spotify from Mobile or Tablet

If you access your Spotify account using your Mobile or Tablet then please refer to this tutorial to successfully change your username.

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Head over to the “Your Library” option.
  3. Click on the Gear icon given at the right-right corner of your screen.
  4. Under Social, click on Facebook >> Connect to Facebook.
  5. On the next window Enter your Facebook credentials and allow Spotify to access your Facebook data.

Congratulations you have successfully connected your Spotify account to Facebook and now you can see your Spotify name to be changed to your Facebook name.

Connect Facebook to Spotify from Desktop

The process is quite simple and similar to that of changing your Spotify Username on Mobile or tablet.
Open the Spotify desktop application and go to settings by clicking on the Settings option given at the top right corner of your desktop app.
Under Social, Search for Facebook >> Connect to Facebook.
On the next window enter your Facebook Credentials and click on Sign in.
Facebook will ask you to allow some permissions in order to share your profile photo and Friends list with Spotify. Click on Allow option and you are done.
You will again be redirected to the Spotify desktop app with a Successfully linked Facebook account.
Things to remember before connecting your Facebook account to Spotify

  • Make sure that the account you are linking to your Spotify is real and correct account otherwise a wrong username will be assigned to your Spotify app.
  • Allow all permissions asked by Spotify so that they can access the required information from your Facebook profile.
  • Make sure that the Facebook Display name is correct as it will be shown to your friends on Spotify.
  • if you have any problem with your existing Facebook account then you can always create a new Facebook account and then link it with your Spotify App.

Create a new Spotify Account on Spotify to change the username

If you don’t want to connect your Facebook account with Spotify then another way is to close down your current Spotify account and open a new account with a new username. You might think that you will lose all your songs and playlists but don’t worry as you can contact the Spotify Support team within 7 days of Changing your account and ask them to transfer your account data to a new Spotify account. The transfer process generally takes about 48 hrs to 7 days (Working days only) to Fully transfer your account data from old to a new account. Please cancel your active subscription before deleting your Spotify account.

After closing your old Spotify account you can now sign up using different Email Id and set your custom Spotify Username.

Change your Display Name to change Spotify username

As you already know that you can’t directly change your Spotify username and if you just want a username for profile representation and to reveal your real identity to Friends and family or to the people who are following you on Spotify then changing your Display name is the best option.
A Display name will replace your Current Username from Spotify Profile, Playlists While Displaying your name to your friends and other Spotify activities.
To change your Display name follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Spotify app and then settings.
  2. Under View profile click on “Edit Profile” Tab.
  3. Click on your Display Name and Change the default display name to your choice.
  4. Click Save.

That’s it, You have successfully changed your Spotify display name and now instead of your username, this display name will be shown to everyone. You can also add or remove your profile picture from this section only.


Spotify is a great place to hang out and chill while listening to your favorite music or browsing through a list of new songs and sharing it with your friends. Changing your Spotify Username is always a hard task and Spotify doesn’t really have a permanent solution for it but as per your preferences, you can use any of the above-given methods to change Spotify username of your account.
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