How To Fix "Sim Not Provisioned MM 2" Error on Your Mobile Device


Getting “Sim not provisioned” error while adding a new sim card or while swapping the sim card is going to put you in some trouble as this error is not your regular mobile error which might vanish immediately. However, we have found some ways using which you can troubleshoot the problem and quickly fix it yourself.
The Sim not provisioned or Sim not provisioned for voice is a common error in major android devices like Samsung, Oneplus, MI, Huawei and some of the below-given troubleshooting methods might not work for every device but you can always try with some alternate method.
Before we proceed let’s get to know more about what does this means and why this error occurs.

what Does “Sim Not Provisioned” mean?

The Sim Not Provisioned error occurs when the mobile device is not able to recognize the sim card because of some issue(s). Removing and reinserting it is one of the easiest methods you can try to troubleshoot this error.

What Is the “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” Error?

The error is Common in Google Devices and some other devices. the “Sim not provisioned for the voice” error simply means that you will not be able to make calls but can connect to the internet and do other activities. Also, there might be an issue with the UI Failed to load.
This error is also easy to fix and you can find methods to fix this in the below-given tutorial.
There might be multiple reasons for this error and we are listing a few of them:
Reasons for “Sim Not Provisioned” Message

  • When you insert a new Sim card.
  • While Swapping the Sim.
  • While Transferring contacts to a new sim card.
  • Network issue, No Coverage area, Cloudy weather.
  • In some cases “The Sim card company’s server(s) are not available.

There might be more reasons for this error but the ones above listed are the common issues and this can easily be fixed with some techniques.

Ways to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned” Error on your Device

  1. Activate your SIM Card.
  2. Check for Available Networks.
  3. Switch Off your device and Start it after 30 Sec.
  4. Remove your sim and reinsert it properly.
  5. Insert it into another Sim card slot.
  6. Contact SIM Card Customer Support.

Activate your SIM Card:

Whenever you purchase a sim card, Most of the time there is a sim activation process associated with it. For activating sim card you can simply call your service provider and ask them to activate the sim card for you.
There might be some document verification associated with the activation so please make sure to have all the necessary documents handy.
If the problem is not related to associated with the Sim activation process then follow the below steps.

Check for Available Networks

If you are having trouble getting network there are high chances that this might be the cause for Sim not provisioned error message. You can easily fix this issue by restarting your device or by switching the network.

Solve “Sim Not Provisioned MM#2” Error on Android Device:

  • Open Settings on your Android Device.
  • Under “Wireless & Networks” look for “Sim & Network” and click on the option.
  • Select your Sim card and click on “Network Operators”.
  • Check if the Preferred Network type is set to “Choose Automatically”
  • Restart your device and the problem will be solved.
  • Restart your device

If you have already activated your sim card and you are still getting “Sim Not Provisioned MM#2” Error then this is another quick fix to the problem. Switch Off your device for 30-40 Sec and then Switch it on and check if the error is gone.
Switching off and again turning on the device will Reset some network settings and that might solve this issue.

Remove your sim and Reinsert it properly

Sim not Provisioned
It is always good to cross-verify if the sim card is properly inserted into the slot. You can do this by simply removing your sim card and reinserting it. You can also clean the Sim card slot or trap and once inserted back just restart your device.
Sim card slot location might differ according to your mobile model and company. If you have the latest android phone or any smartphone where the back panel is not openable then simply search on the sides of your mobile phone to see the sim card slot. You will also need a small pin which comes along with your mobile phone to remove the sim card slot from your phone.
Featured Mobiles or any other cheap mobile device has a back panel that you can open to remove the battery and sim card.

Insert it into another Sim card slot

Most of the latest mobile devices have dual sim card slot where you can use 2 Sim cards simultaneously. If your mobile also has the same functionality then try switching the sim card from one slot to another and restart your phone.
If everything is done correctly then you can see that Sim Not Provisioned error is no more and you can make calls and do other activity.

Contact SIM Card Customer Support

If none of the above-given methods work for you are you are still getting the Sim Card not Provisioned message then please try calling your Service provider and them for help. There might be an issue with activation servers or with Service providers network servers.
They receive calls for such queries often and there are chances that your network provider can help you to sort this problem.

Solve “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” Error

For solving “Sim Not Provisioned for Voice” Error on your device you can do the following things.

  • Check for Sim Activation.
  • Put your mobile on Flight mode for 30-40 Sec and disable the flight mode.
  • Restart your device.
  • Check if the network connection is working and you are into the network coverage area.


Use any of the above method(s) individually or with the combination of an alternate method and the Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 Error will be resolved. The quickest and easiest among all is restarting your device or directly contacting the Service provider’s customer care helpline and tell them above the issue. As already said they receive a lot of calls regarding such errors and they will be able to assist you in a more informative way.
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