How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server


[intro]It is really easy and straightforward to add bots to your Discord Server the real challenge is to find some good bots that you can use along with your friends and gaming partners to have fun. There are many websites that offer free Discord bot or you can also create a bot by yourself and then add it to discord but in this article, we are going to use a pre-made Discord bot and with simple steps add that bot to our Discord Server.
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Discord is a Free Video and Audio chat Platform that has more than 10 Million monthly active users and the Discord community is growing day by day. Discord is a great service for people who share the same interests in a topic or even in a game. With Discord, you can create your own Private server and host your Friends their secretly. You can communicate with them while playing different games on different devices. You can also create a private chat lobby to communicate with your friends.
In some recent years Discord was also joined by Major News portals, Game development companies, and Even Gaming Console manufacturers like PS4 or Xbox to connect with the existing users and audience and to share information about future updates and releases.
Whatever might be the reason for using Discord but it is considered as one of the best platforms to get in touch with your gaming friends and having a little fun or extra features along with Chatting on your Discord server is to add Discord Bots.

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server

Before adding bots on Discord Server it is important for us to check for required permissions and what type of bots to add in order to successfully enable a bot on your server. Firstly we are going to successfully gather the required permissions and along with that we will source third party bot services and add them to our server.

  1. Check for the required permission
  2. Where to find Discord bots
  3. How to add bots to your Server

Check for the required permission

Before adding the bot to the server we have to check if we have the required “Manage Server” permission to add and manage bot on that specific server. Not everyone is allowed to add bots to the server and only people with “Administrative” or “Manage Server” rights can add them.
To check if you have the Administrative or Manage Server rights, simply go to your server and click on your Server’s name and select the “Server Settings” option.
Discord server settings option
After you click on the server settings option a new window will open. From the left-side menu select Roles and Check for “Administrative” or “Manage Server” permission.
If you can’t see the permissions enabled then please contact the Server administrator and ask them for the required permissions.
permission to add bot to discord server
Once we have all the required permissions to manage the server and to add the Bot now it’s time to look for the websites which can offer us some good custom bots.

Where to Find Discord Bots

You can use any Discord bot provided by third-party websites like or carbonitex there are other websites too which can provide you bots with additional features. If you want a custom bot and you know coding then you can easily build one yourself by using Node.js. But in this tutorial, we will only cover Third party Discord Bot Services.

How to add bots to your Discord Server

Once we know where to find the Discord bot now it’s time to add that bot to your discord server and to do that we will use as an example website.
Go to Discordbots and Search for your desired bot and click on the “View” option.
On the next window click on the “Invite” button to add the bot.

Once you click on the Invite button a new window will open asking you to Select the Discord Server where you want to enable the bot.

Select a server to add a bot on discord
On the next window simply Grant all the required permissions needed by the bot to successfully function on your Server and click the “Authorize” button.
authorize permissions for bot

Adding Bots to Discord

Following the steps given above you will be able to successfully and easily add bot to your discord server. There are a lot of cool and unique bots available which you can add on Discord.
A lot of these bots are also hosted on and each bot has its own installation and setup process which you can find on that bot’s wiki page on GitHub. There are also a lot of free tutorials available for people who want to create their own custom Discord bot.
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