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[intro]You are reading this article as you want to block someone on Twitch because of their misbehavior in the chat of your Stream. Well, there are two different ways to Block someone on Twitch either by searching their name and blocking them or by blocking them directly in the stream chat section. You can also use a simple hack provided by Twitch using which you can tell Twitch to ignore the messages from a specific person by using his Username to block his messages on twitch. Well, you will learn both the ways to block a person on Twitch and also how you can ignore messages from someone on Twitch.
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Twitch is a Game streaming platform where gamers from all around the world show their gaming skills by playing different games on the live stream. This helps them build some audience and also earn money from twitch by accepting donations. People watch them play alone or with friends and enjoy it. but some people also watch these live streams to learn new skills from this experienced gamers.
When watching live stream online on Twitch and using the live chat feature to communicate and have a discussion with other people watching that same stream, at such times you find people of all types and sometimes some people might annoy you or irritate you with their words and or with their behavior. Whatever the reason might be but if you want to block them then we have found a solution for you to easily Block such people on Twitch with just a few simple steps.

How To Ignore Someone on Twitch

This is really easy and quick command if you want to ignore messages from a certain user on any twitch live stream chat. The command for Blocking messages from someone on Twitch is
/ignore {USERNAME}
When you execute this command, It will ignore all the messages from that user in the live stream chat room even if you are not a moderator. This option will any ensure that you won’t see messages from a person you don’t like. If you want to unignore someone on Twitch then use this command:
/unignore {USERNAME}

How to Block Someone on Twitch in the live stream chat?

Step #1: Open and go to the channel you want to watch.

twitch channel

Step #2: See the Chat option on the Right-side of the stream.

This is where people talk to each other and have a discussion about the current stream which they are watching together. Here if you find someone spreading fake news, Hate speech, Spreading rumors or just annoying you and you want to block that person then continue to step 3

Step #3: Click on the Username of the person you want to block

You can simply click on his/her username that is displayed in front of his/her messages in the chatbox and click on the three dots on the new popup window where you will find the “Block User” option.
how to block people on twitch

Step #4: Click confirm to Block the User

When you click on “Block {Username}” (Where {Username} is the actual username of that person) a new popup window will open which will tell you what exactly will happen after you block that person. So when you block someone on Twitch then that user will not be able to send you whispers or host you. The user will also not be able to purchase gift subs from other users from your channel or neither they can add you as a friend. If you agree with all these terms then go ahead and hit the “Block” button to block that user from your Twitch account.
block someone on twitch

How to Block Someone on Twitch using Search Option?

There is another way of blocking a user on Twitch where you can directly search that user by his/her username and select block option. To block someone on Twitch by their username:

Step #1: Input their Username in the Search box

When you are on the Twitch Dashboard there is an option of “Followed Channels” and “Recommended Channels” on the Right-side of your screen and a box below that says “Search to add Friends”. Search with the username of the person you want to block. Multiple search results will appear with usernames similar to the one you searched Select the appropriate username after which a chat window will open.
how do i block someone on twitch

Step #2: Click on the Gear icon

On the newly opened chatbox click on the “Gear” like icon which you can see on the left side of the chatbox and select the “Block User” option to Block that person on Twitch.
how to ban someone on twitch

Step #3: Click “Block” Button to Block that Person on Twitch

The last and final step is to confirm that you are really blocking that person and agree to some of the warnings like you won’t be able to add that person as your friend or that person cant interact on your channel. If you are fine with those warnings and still wish to continue then click on the “Block” button which will permanently block that user on Twitch.
permanently block any user on Twitch
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