How To Fix Robotic Voice Issues On Discord


Many people recently complained about the Robotic voice issue on Discord. The users reported, they sound like a robot or they hear other voices in robotic or distorted. There can be many reasons for this problem varying from network issues on your computer, to Server issue on Discord. Whatever the reason is, In this article, we are going to discuss in detail how you can solve this issue and get rid of the robot voice on Discord.

Firstly, People thought that they might have enabled some kind of robotic voice feature on their Discord server but later on, they realized that it’s an error, The issue is caused by many reasons, one of which is high ping. When a server in a particular region gets too many requests, because of a network issue you might hear a robotic voice.

Below we are listing some of the solutions to get rid of distorted sound on Discord.

Why does my Discord sound like a Robot?

Discord is known for its voice chat functionality where multiple people can connect with each other while playing games. But many times people hear or they do sound like a robot, The problem is not new as there are many different reasons because of which this issue constantly appears. Below we are listing such a few issues that might cause your discord to sound like a robot.

  • High Pings on Discord
  • An issue with an internet connection.
  • Incorrect server location.
  • Poor audio quality.
  • Bandwidth consumption by other devices on the network.
  • Discord High Traffic Servers.

The problem of robotic sound on Discord can be caused by any of the above-given reason(s), also it is important to know that the issue is not related to a single reason and you should try all solutions before coming to a conclusion.

Fix Robotic Voice Issues On Discord

This guide will help you to easily fix the “I Sound like a robot” issue on Discord. This troubleshooting guide will explain to you in detail about various methods and solutions that you can apply to quickly fix this issue.

Solution #1: High Ping Discord Server

The most common reason for this issue to occur is High pings on the server you are speaking on. If the ping on your discord server is above 100 ms, you will face voice-related issues on Discord.

This issue generally occurs because of many reasons by either side, Many times due to poor network connection, High bandwidth usage, or Issues on the Discord server can cause the error.

The easiest way to solve this problem is by changing your server region, you have to be an admin or should have special rights to change the location of the server on Discord.

Follow these steps to successfully change your server region on Discord and fix the robotic voice problem on Discord.

Step #1: Open the Discord app on your Computer or go to and Sign in to your Discord account.

Step #2: Next, select the server for which you are facing the problem, click on the Server’s name from the left pane, and select “Server Settings”.

discord robot voice

Step #3: On the following screen, click on the “Overview” option from the left menu, Under “Server Region“, check if the server location matches your current location, If it does not match then click on the “Change” button.

fix discord distortion sound

Step #4: Select a Server near to your and click the Save changes button.

select server on discord

It will take some time for your server location to change, once done, check if the problem is fixed, otherwise follow the next method.

Solution #2: Poor Internet Connection

Another common reason for the Robotic voice on your Discord server is a poor internet connection. Please check if you are receiving Internet signals properly. You can do this by opening any website in a browser or switching to another device. If you are using a cellular internet connection then please make sure that you are receiving a proper cellular network in order to get high-speed internet.

You can also run the internet speed test at and check if your internet connection fast.

Solution #3: Disable QoS on Discord

Discord Quality of Service (QoS) feature does not work always as expected. This feature might cause an issue that will result in a robotic voice on your discord server.

Follow these steps to disable QoS on Discord and solve the “I Sound like a robot” on Discord problem.

1. Open Discord and click on the Cog icon at the bottom-left of your screen to open the user settings option.

disable your discord account

2. Under the App settings tab, click on the Voice & Video option and use the toggle bar to disable “Quality of Service High Packet Priority”.

3. Finally, Exit the screen and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution #4: Limit Devices on your network.

Another reason for poor internet connection might be the high number of users on a single network. If multiple devices are connected and using the same internet network as yours, there are chances that the devices are eating all the bandwidth, resulting in a bad internet connection.

You can use any net limited software or your Router’s configuration to limit the bandwidth usage on your network. set the bandwidth limit as low for other devices while keeping it high for the device you are using for Discord.

Final Words!

These are the methods that you can use to solve the robotic voice on Discord issue. Even after trying the given methods, if you are still facing the same problem then you should wait for Discord to send you some updates, a lot of the times it can also be the issue related to the Discord server, and waiting for its fix is the only solution to get rid of robot voice on Discord.

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