IDP.Generic : Everything You need to know about IDP.Generic Avast Warning

[intro]IDP.Generic Threat is common for people who use antivirus apps, Especially Avast Antivirus. While Using the Antivirus app you might have received a warning saying that it caught a file and blocked it for harming your computer and the Treat name displays IDP.Generic.
Detection of IDP.Generic as a Virus is “False Positive” in this case. but it also indicates that your system might be infected with a Trojan Virus and in this article, we are going to give you all the details about it and also How to remove IDP.Generic from your Computer.
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what is IDP.Generic

IDP means Identity Detection Protection which refers to your Identities such as browsing history, Bank details, and personal information. When you get IDP.Generic warning on your computer which means that the detection is detected by the Antivirus Software Identity protection component and As long as the file performs the same suspicious actions like the malware and spyware actions, The Antivirus program will keep showing you this message.
IDP generic means that the detection was detected by an Identity Protection detection component of your antivirus and it is a generalized file that got detected. Your files will be flagged by this whenever the file does something identical to malware that triggers the flag.

What is IDP.Generic False Positive

False-positive in terms of Antivirus programs means that the antivirus program was not able to categorize the given individual file and has considered it as a Virus. This is a common issue if you have an outdated Antivirus program that can not detect new file systems the quick and easy way to fix this is by Updating your current antivirus or by using another Antivirus program to check if you are still receiving IDP Generic issue.

What should I do if I find a false positive?

Before proceeding you have to remove that file which is considered as a threat from your Virus Vault otherwise the system will keep flagging it as a threat until you remove it or change it.
To Remove The IDP.Generic flagged file from the Virus Vault simply follow these instructions

  1. From your PC go to your Antivirus Application.
  2. Select Protection >> Virus Vault.
  3. Remove the file from the Virus Vault
  4. Run the Antivirus Program again.


Step 1: From your PC go to your Antivirus Application

Open the Antivirus Application on your Computer which is flagging the file and hit the scan button to again run the Antivirus Program. Wait till the scanning is finished and check for any IDP.generic warning files.

Step 2: Go to Virus Vault

Virus Vault is an Option available on all the Antivirus Softwares where all the files flagged as a Virus are stored. You can open the Virus Vault section on your antivirus app by going to Protection >> Virus Vault.

Step 3: Remove the File

Once you are on the Virus Vault page, You will see a list of files which are currently Detected and flagged by your antivirus system and to remove any of the files from the list simply Right-Click on the file name and select “Restore and add to exclusions” to Restore the file from the Virus Vault.

Step 4: Run the Antivirus Program again

just to make sure that everything is properly done, Restart your Computer and Open your Antivirus program again and Run a System-wide scan and see if we are still getting the same message.
Also, the above-given steps are for Avast Antivirus but they can work for all antivirus programs as each of them have a Virus Vault option from where you can add files to exclusions.


You should either set your Antivirus program to Auto-update or try and check for regular updates to run the antivirus scan softly and without errors. Also, it is always better to not open any suspicious email or download any virus containing file otherwise it will hurt your system and can lead to Slow and virus-infected computers. If you are still not satisfied with the given answer then you can always comment down below and we will try to help you.
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