How to Bypass Mega Download Limit


Have you ever wanted to download a file and got stuck because of’s download limit? Well, today we are going to show you how you can bypass mega download limit and download any file with a large size on your device. There are many ways and tricks using which you can extend mega’s monthly quota by some means. A lot of the users face the “Transfer quota exceeded” issue while downloading large files from mega is Cloud storage and file-sharing website founded in 2013. Mega has over 60 Million active users all over the world Using Mega’s various tools across Desktop and Mobile Apps. is used by corporations, Students, and freelancers to store and share their work with other people.  If we are talking about the need to store and use large amounts of business data, you may need Big data consulting.

Mega is a popular cloud storage company because of its cross-platform support which means you can easily access from Mobile App, Desktop App, and from your browser by typing  The Biggest problem with Mega is that they have limited functionality access for Free accounts and people who rarely use mega don’t think that investing in a monthly plan is a good idea. Sometimes because of this free account, you probably get stuck or your monthly transfer Quota on mega gets utilized and you are forced into purchasing a premium account or wait till next month to get a fresh monthly quota.
In this article, we are going to discuss “how you can easily bypass the mega download limit“. and the article will focus on various ways by which you can add an extra transfer quota to your mega account and then simply use that transfer quota to download the files.

How to bypass the Mega download limit

Mega sets a monthly Bandwidth for each free and premium account, Bandwidth means the amount of data you can use from their server to your computer. Suppose if the file is of 1 GB and you are getting “Monthly Bandwidth exceeds” or “Monthly Transfer Quota Finished” that means you have a Bandwidth share of 1 GB for your Mega account. And once you utilize all your bandwidth the account will be suspended from using the server anymore and you will have to wait.
There used to be many loopholes using which you can easily download large files but over the period was successful in fixing a lot of them but there are some tricks that are still working towards helping you to get extra download limit on Mega.

Bypass Mega Download Limit

  • Add a Mobile Number to your mega account
  • Download Mega’s Desktop and Mobile App and get an extra Transfer limit.
  • Use VPN to Download Files from
  • By using JDownloader.


Use VPN to Download Files from

If you know about VPN apps then it’s great otherwise VPNs are used to hide your IP and other online activities and helps you to browse anonymously. When using the VPN apps for bypassing the Mega download limit there are few things that you need to take care of.

If you are using the VPN app to bypass mega’s download limit and to download a large file that is in pieces or we can say the file has a lot of folders in it then once you hit your account quota limit just wait for the limit to reset and then resume the downloading otherwise you will have to start from fresh, i.e. The file will start downloading from the first byte again.

Also if you are using VPN to download small-size files on a daily basis or if you have already used your account’s quota to download a file and now you want to download a different file then simply close the MEGAsync app and reset your VPN and start the MEGAsync app again.

For users who are going to use Free VPN, We suggest you switch to a paid one as MEGAsync will try to use all your VPN bandwidth to try and download the file as quickly as possible, and using a free VPN sets some limitations on your account.

By using JDownloader

another way is to use Jdownloader to download direct files. for this go to JDownloaders website and Click on Download option from the menu and select your Operating system to Download the program on your computer, It is available for all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. But for using this trick you will also need some proxies.
jdownloader to download files from
Click on the app icon to launch the app and go to and copy your file URL, Now you will have to add the copied link to the “connection manager” tab on JDownloader and also need to change some settings in order to download mega’s files smoothly.
For Windows: go to JDownloader and click on Settings >> connection Manager. also under “Max chunks per Download” set the value to ’20’ and MAx Simultaneous download to 5.
For Mac: Click on the JDownloader button and Select Preferences >> connection Manager. Go to General Settings and set “Max chunks per Download” set value to ’20’ and MAx Simultaneous download to 5.
Now you have to convert the purchased or free proxies to the following format “” and import them to the JDownloader app and you are done. Your download will start automatically.
Keep checking your proxies on JDownloader and remove those proxies which are flagged as “Red” by the app also if you get an error message saying “Bandwidth exceeded” then just remove the proxies and add some new proxies.

Purchase’s premium subscription

If you are going to use more often then you should consider subscribing to their premium plan as it offers you more Cloud storage space, More bandwidth, and extra transfer quota each month. There are different plans for you to choose from so you don’t end up spending a lot of money and can select any appropriate plan according to your needs. The cheapest plan on mega offers you 400 GB Cloud storage space along with 1 TB transfer which is more than enough for an average person to download large files or store them on their’s account and access it from anywhere and from any device they wish. They also offer you 2 months free subscription if you are opt-in for a 1-year plan.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you have understood how you can use some techniques to bypass the mega download limit. These are tested and working methods for a lot of our users and you will be able to download the’s files using the above tricks.
If you are a regular user of then rather than using tricks you can always subscribe to their premium plan and avail extra monthly download quota on Mega.
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