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Sometimes I heard “yes, for that kind of money, you can buy an Apple Watch, but what’s the OPPO?”. If you have an iPhone, of course, you can choose an Apple Watch, they are worth it, but if you have Android, there is no point in doing so. OPPO Watch is very good and functional and definitely worth the attention.


Everyone who saw this watch said, ” Yes, it’s an Apple Watch!”. Well, yes, they are similar but not so much that you can mix it up. And in general, there are plenty of watches and bracelets in the shape of apple watches on the market, there is nothing to be surprised of.

I will immediately note that the OPPO Watch is available in two sizes-41 and 46 mm. And differ not only in size and glass display, a part of the screen, battery capacity, level of protection against water (3 ATM to 5 ATM), as well as support eSIM (only in the older model). Available in black and gold body colors. The second one looks more bright and more statuesque.

Here and further I describe the OPPO Watch 41 mm. 

The strap is silicone. The clasp is uncomfortable, tight, it is difficult to fasten it even with two hands.

The straps are replaceable, there are already a lot of them on Aliexpress.

The 41 mm OPPO Watch is lightweight and compact. OPPO Watch is very light and comfortable, you don’t feel it on your hand.

The 46mm model doesn’t look too huge either. Although it is more suitable for a large hand. And a larger display, whatever is more convenient for you.

The control keys are located on the right side of the clock. There are two of them. One longer one is responsible for calling the list of applications (if you are on the desktop) and for the “back ” action in all other cases. The second one is shorter (with a green stripe) – customizable, by default it calls the start menu of the workout, I then reassigned it to Google Pay. There is a microphone hole between the buttons. On the other end of the watch — slits of the speaker.

The frame of the case is made of metal, the back panel is plastic. The glass of the watch is quite strong, even small scratches did not appear during the test.

On the back panel, there is an optical heart rate sensor and charging contacts. The build is perfect.

I will add that the case of the watch is protected from moisture. The previous model has 3 atm according to the standard, this one has 5 atm (like the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch). The older models will not withstand splashing, diving, swimming and even taking a shower in them is not recommended. In contrast, the new ones are suitable for swimming. The official OPPO website for both versions says the following: “The OPPO watch can be worn while swimming in the pool or while in open water, but it is not suitable for scuba diving, hot showers, hot springs, saunas, diving, snorkeling, surfing, or other water activities in which the device may come into contact with high-pressure water flow. The quality of the water-resistance may decrease over time.” In short, I would not be afraid and swim in the pool. They seem to be designed for this. However, I wouldn’t go diving, especially with the OPPO Watch 41mm.

The previous model has a 1.6-inch display with a resolution of 320×360 (301 PPI). The new one is 1.9 inches, 402×476 (326 PPI). That is, the 46 mm OPPO Watch has a higher pixel density. They also have strongly rounded side edges of the screen.

Both models are equipped with AMOLED displays. The image is high-quality, clear, and juicy. The depth of black is such that the frames are almost invisible at all — like one big screen. The brightness of the display can be adjusted automatically, there is a light sensor. It works perfectly. Readability in the sun is also on top.

I would like to add that after a few years with a round smartwatch, I liked to use a rectangular one. Somehow it is more natural and it is more convenient to perceive information. However, some disagree with me.

“Iron” OPPO Smartwatch is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset (4 cores, 1.2 GHz). This is a slightly improved version of the Snapdragon Wear 2100 from the 2016 model.

1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of permanent memory are available. For myself, I don’t see the point in filling the clock with music or audiobooks, but some people go out for a run without a smartphone.

 Functions, sensors, payment

Here everything is the same as in the competition-acceleration sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometer, heart rate monitor, light sensor. Wireless networks — Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS. There is also NFC. Other manufacturers invent their own Gamin Pay, AliPay, Samsung Pay, and so on, OPPO did not have to invent anything, Google Pay is on board. The card is added with a couple of clicks.

Operating system

We will move on to the main thing — the operating system. The interface is fast. If I didn’t know it was WearOS, I would never have guessed. Everything can be optimized if desired. In general, the interface is simple. Swipe down – you will see all the icons of settings. Swipe up– notification section. To the right — Google Assistant. Swipe left-widgets (the number of steps taken, sleep data for the previous night, the history of heart rate measurements, weather, news, and so on).

Notifications look great, and there is a lot of information on the screen. You can respond to messages — either with a template, or write something on the keyboard or dictate it with your voice (Google’s recognition is excellent).

There are also applications such as notes, calendar, timer, weather, even a voice recorder, and translator (with voice input recognition). As an essay writer, I always use “Notes” app, it is extremely easy to write my ideas for articles and email marketing.

OPPO turned out to be a very good smartwatch. The company managed to optimize the operating system so much, “pulling” its shell, that it became very fast, smooth, and not even buggy. I am a big fan of a beautiful AMOLED screen with good resolution, compact size, replaceable straps, Google Pay payment, protection from moisture, and tracking of various types of training.

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