Roland BN-20a vs. White Toner Printers: A Guide


There are several steps in producing t-shirts, stickers, window clings, or glassware designs. The first step is creating a layout on your computer that is appealing and attractive. The second is to print the design on a printer with a CMYK or CMYW color combination. The third step is cutting it according to specific dimensions using a print and cut machine. The final process is heating pressing to make a transfer to the cloth. However, there are two options for printing designs: Roland BN-20a and White Toner Printers. The question is, which of these is better for getting the best quality prints? What are their advantages, and why should you choose one over another?

What is the Roland BN-20a?

The Roland BN-20a is an updated version of BN-20, a printing and cutting machine manufactured by Roland Corporation. Almost all such machines use inkjet printing technology that prints directly on printable vinyl material. Once that is done, it cuts the designs according to certain specifications, just like any other cutter, for example, Graphtec or Cricut. It is incredibly beneficial because it amalgamates the printing and cutting process.

It has 20 inches rolls of vinyl cutter and uses eco-solvent inks to print the highest quality 1440X1080 dpi prints. Not only is the printing speed incredibly faster, but you also don’t have to insert each sheet individually or check it every time.

Because it has a unidirectional or bidirectional printing mode, the average speed is 22.6 square feet per hour. Like the earlier version BN-20, it uses the best software for print designs: VersaWorks 6. Besides an intuitive interface, it has a “drag and drop” feature and several tools to control the layout, quality management settings, color, and advanced job management. It also offers integrated contour cutting and is ideal for lamination cuts, graphic wall decoration, and apparel. There are four colors (CMYK) divided into five cartridges. The total weight of the Roland BN-20a is 35 kilograms.

Who Uses a Print and Cut Machine?

It is used for a wide variety of purposes. Small shops or similar commercial establishments use printing and cutting machines for banners, windows signs, car signs, and even vinyl directional signage. For vinyl signs, all you have to do is print the kind of vinyl you want for the application for each use and then apply it. The entire process is straightforward.

But perhaps the most common application of both the BN-20 and BN-20a is the printing of decals. A decal is a design or logo printed on clear and printable vinyl sticker paper that you can quickly transfer onto another surface like glass, metal, or porcelain with the help of heat application or water. While some are permanent, others can be removed after some time. You can label almost anything you want with decals, including graphic stickers on drinkware, school lockers, and window clings for retail store applications.

Custom t-shirt businesses also require the BN-20a for printing t-shirt graphics. It is an attractive option because there is a particular type of vinyl available for that purpose. Known as heat transfer vinyl, iron-on vinyl, or HTV, it can easily adhere to any fabric. However, it’s different from adhesive vinyl sheets and rolls because, unlike them, it’s not sticky on the surface. Its sticking property is activated when heat is applied. You can find this type of vinyl in rolls, sheets, and packs. The color quality after the printing is incredible and immediately captivates the onlooker.

But even with all the advantages, there are some drawbacks. That is where White Toners Printers like DigitalHeat FX 8432 or 9541 have a clear advantage.

What is a White Toner Printer?

A white toner printer, including the DigitalHeat FX Crio 8432, is a full-color laser printer that uses white toner for printing. It prints paper-sized transfers instead of the big rolls like the BN-20a.

The working mechanism of a white toner printer is similar to printing and cutting machines like the BN-20a. You start by creating a design as per your requirements. After making the design, you feed it to the printer using a RIP software called Print Optimizer. RIP is an acronym for raster image processor, a software that translates computer vector files in PDF, JPG, or Photoshop to a raster image called a bitmap. A bitmap is composed of a series of dots that the printer understands, reads and prints.

However, the Roland printers operate with a software called VerstaStudio, but the method of functioning is essentially the same. Finally, the white toner printer prints the design on a transparent film sheet which you can then heat press to a glue machine and make the transfer.

Who Uses a White Toner Printer?

The White Toner Printer is used for various purposes and applications, and a few of these are mentioned below.

T-Shirt Shops:

Retail t-shirt shops use the white toner printer because the entire printing process is quite fast. You have to prepare one sheet at a time, and the printer prints about 16 pages a minute, depending on the size of a specific image. The fantastic speed saves you a lot of time and even allows you to complete as many as 500 orders per day. The second advantage is that it uses a high-speed LED print mechanism, ensuring magnificent full-color transfers with high-resolution images of 1200×600 dots per inch.

Etsy Sellers:

Etsy is an American e-commerce company that deals in handmade or vintage items along with craft supplies like bags, jewelry, home decor, and clothing. Sellers on Etsy prefer white toner printers for their designs because it offers you the option of printing in just one format instead of using an entire roll of vinyl paper. You can also make the transfer to a broad category of things, including backpacks, coasters, and almost anything that the heat press machine can accommodate.


One of the significant advantages of a DigitalHeat FX bundle white toner printer is that you can print and sell the transfers exclusively without the items. You can earn a lot of money by selling them to those looking to enter the t-shirt business but cannot buy the equipment.

Which among the Two is Better?

Most companies that sell the Roland BN-20a and the White Toner Printers believe it comes down to what you want. The BN-20a printer and cutter are best suited for stickers, decals, signage, and banners. On the other hand, white toner printers cannot perform the same job as efficiently since they lack the 20 inches vinyl roll.

Most people selling both printers say that a White Toner Printer is the best optimum if your main focus is on custom t-shirts. But if your work area is primarily signs and decals, you are better off with the BN-20a.

Roland BN-20a or White Toner Printers, which of these is better for printing purposes? Just like the article says, it ultimately depends on you, and you should select one after considering all the factors, qualities, and comparisons mentioned above.

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