How to fix "Gboard keeps stopping" Issue on Android – 6 Easy Solutions


[intro]While using Google Keyboard you might have come across “Gboard Keeps Stopping” Issue and today we are going to help you to fix the issue.
The issue generally arrives because of low-device space, or low RAM available, or even because of some technical Glitch and today in this article we are going to discuss why the issue arrives and how to solve Gboard Keeps Stopping on your android phone.
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Gboard was first introduced by Google in 2016 for iOS and after few months they released the same Gboard version for Android. Currently, the Gboard Application has over a Billion Users on Both Android and iOS Platforms and the userbase is growing daily.
Gboard is a virtual keyboard application that has everything you need from a keyboard app. It offers you a Multi-language Keyboard using which you can type in your local language or Mother tongue. It also offers you keyboard Functionalities like Voice Typing, Glide Typing, Emojis keyboard, and more.

How to fix “Gboard keeps stopping” Issue

unfortunately gboard has stopped

Gboard Keeps Stopping is a common problem across android and iOS devices that uses Gboard as their primary keyboard. The issue is also common on devices like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oneplus and more. The reason for this error is not fixed and the error can be caused by multiple reasons and today we are going to discuss those issues and how to fix them.


Reasons for “Gboard Keeps Stopping” Issue

  • Compatibility issue with other Apps.
  • Low Device Space.
  • Bad Gboard Update.


Compatibility issue with other Apps

The issue might commonly occur because of the Application you are using Gboard with. To identify this problem just open any other app on your phone and try using Gboard on that app and see if the “Unfortunately Gboard Keeps Stopping” Message popups.

Low Device Space

Like any other app Gboard also requires Device space and RAM for operations and if your device has low space or RAM is full then the Gboard will not function properly and will keep crashing. The Quick solution for this problem is to free up some space or clear recent apps on your device.

Bad Gboard Update

The problem can also occur due to Bad Gboard update and to fix this issue just Downgrade your Gboard update or check for any new available update which might have patched the issue.
There might be many more reasons for this issue but the above given are the common problems for Gboard Keeps Crashing popup. Below are the fixed for this issue.

Fix “Gboard Keeps Stopping”

  • Restart your Device.
  • Clear Data and Cache for Gboard App.
  • Force Stop the application.
  • Downgrade/check for updates.
  • Disable Gboard application.
  • Uninstall the Application.


Restart your Device

The most common and quick method is to simply Restart your device by holding the “lock device” button for 10 seconds and selecting Restart from the menu. Once done simply open the previous app and check if the problem still exists.

Clear Data and Cache for Gboard App

If you are having the issue on just a single app and other apps are working perfectly with Gboard then the solution is to clear Cache for Gboard Application as bad Cache files can generally stop application to work properly.

  1. To Clear, Gboard Cache Go to Settings > Personal and click on Apps Option.
  2. From the Applications Menu select Gboard.
  3. Click on Storage and Clear Cache. (You can also clear App Data)
  4. Restart your device and use Gboard App.

If Clearing Cache does not solve the problem then again follow the Step from 1-3 and instead of just Clearing the Cache files, Clear Cache and App data. But remember clearing App data will Change your Preferences and you have to manually change some settings as per your choice.

Force Stop the application

For force Stopping the Gboard Application simply Go to Settings,>> Apps and select Gboard Application from the list and click on “FORCE STOP”. This will stop and reset the application processes.

Downgrade/check for updates

Sometimes while downloading the update the issue might occur and to fix it simply go to Google Play store and search for new Gborad Updates by following the below guide.

  1. Open Google Play Store and click on Three lines icon given on the top-left corner.
  2. From the Drop-down menu select “My Apps & Games”.
  3. Under the “Updates” tab look for Gboard and click on the Update button.

If you don’t see Gboard App on the list, then that is probably because there is no update available but in this case, you can always look for the previous version of the Gboard app by searching for “Gboard APK” file on Google.

Disable Gboard application

If the “unfortunately Gboard has stopped” issue is popping up while using Gboard Keyboard on all the applications and you are not able to find Available Gboard Update or Downgraded version then it’s better to Disable Gboard and use any other Third-party Keyboard App.
For Disabling the Gboard Application follow this Steps:

  1. Open the Settings option on your device.
  2. Scroll down to System >> Languages & input.
  3. Under “Keyboard and input methods” select Virtual Keyboard.
  4. Click on Manage Keyboards and Disable the Gboard App from the given list by clicking on the Toggle button beside it.

Note: before Disabling the Gboard Application please make sure to download some other third-party Keyboard App from Google Play Store.

Uninstall the Application

If you are one of those who don’t require Gboard Application and you’re fine with using any other Keyboard App then you can also Uninstall Gboard from your device.
To Uninstall Gboard App:

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps.
  2. From Applications list select on “Gboard”
  3. Click on the “Uninstall” button to remove Gboard from your device.


That’s it, All the given methods are working fine on all Android devices and are proven to solve the “Gboard keeps Stopping” error on your device.
As per our recommendation you can easily solve the issue just by Restarting your device or by clearing Cache and App data. If you are not satisfied with the given two quick solutions then you can always look for other solutions like Disabling the App or Uninstalling the Gboard Application and using any other Keyboard app for your device.


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