What Is YourPhone.exe Windows 10 – Detailed Guide and FAQs


[intro] When running a system check using an Antivirus application you must have come across the “YourPhone.exe” process which might be flagged as a virus by your antivirus software or you might have seen “YourPhone.exe” process running on your computer for too long? We have written a detailed article about what is “YourPhone.exe” and how to handle it.

After the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft started building an Operating system that is compatible with all the devices and can help you sync and share data between different devices seamlessly. For this Microsoft introduced a lot of features with Windows’s releases for computers as well as for Mobile Devices.
One of the features includes a “Phone App” which is an inbuild Phone App in Windows 10 and helps you to connect your Mobile device with Windows 10 systems to receive notifications and other data from your Android and iPhones directly on your Desktop. So if you have a doubt that it is a Virus then do not worry as its a legit program and has a Microsoft Developer Signature on it.

What Is YourPhone.exe

YourPhone.exe is a Phone App designed and Developed by Microsoft which allows users to sync data between their mobile device and their desktop. The application is designed to work for Android as well as Apple devices.
Using YourPhone.exe you can perform tasks like

  • viewing Mobile notifications on your Desktop
  • Sync pictures and videos from mobile to Desktop and visa-versa
  • Share contacts between your phone and Computer.
  • Send Text Messages directly from your Computer.

YourPhone.exe generally runs in the background on Windows 10 and is not very noticeable. if the program is utilizing a lot of disk space on your computer or you just want to get rid of the program then follow the below-given steps to uninstall YourPhone.exe from your Windows 10 Computer.

Disable YourPhone.exe from Running in the Background

The best option to get rid of YourPhone.exe program is to disable is and below are the steps for doing that.

  1. Go to Settings and choose privacy.
  2. On the Privacy tab select Background Apps.
  3. Look for “Your Phone” App and turn it OFF.
  4. YourPhone.exe process will stop.

Step 1: Go to Settings and choose privacy

On your Windows Computer click on the search bar and type “Settings” or Right-click on the start menu and select Settings from the menu.
From the menu scroll down to the option which says Privacy and click on it.

Step 2: Select Background Apps

On the privacy tab look for the “Background Apps” option and click on it, You can find it on the left side menu of your Privacy settings.

Step 3: Look for “Your Phone” App and turn it OFF.

Once on the Background Apps section, Scroll down and look for “Your Phone” App and click on the Toggle button in the blue color to turn it OFF.

Step 4: YourPhone.exe process will stop

Save the changes and Restart your Computer to successfully apply them. To check if the changes are applied or not you can go to task manage by clicking CTRL+ALT+DELETE or by searching for “Task Manager” in the windows search box and look for any process named “YourPhone.exe, If you don’t find any process with that name then it simply means that the program is disabled on your computer.
Anytime if you want to Utilize Your Phone App then simply follow the above steps just rather than turning it OFF turn it ON.

Remove Your Phone app from Windows 10

If you don’t want the Application on your computer and want to delete it permanently from your system then follow the below steps.
Go to your start bar and Right-click on it.
Select Windows Powershell from the options.
In the Windows, Powershell Command box Enter the following command and Hit Enter

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

This command will remove your phone.ext permanently from your Windows 10 Computer and you can Restart your Computer after running the above command to successfully Apply the changes.


I hope you have understood what is YourPhone.exe process is and how to Disable your Delete Your Phone app from your Windows 10 Computer. As we said it is not a Virus and if you start using it then only you will know the importance of this Application. If you have any questions or queries then please let us know.
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