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Reddit is a fun place to be on the internet. You will find information and discussion for almost any topic on Reddit. Reddit is known for finding the needed information and sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded people. The website is also a daily newspaper for many individuals on the internet. Reddit is built around posting and commenting. A User posts something in the subreddit and other people starts discussing the topic through comments.

When you become a part of such a huge community, Abusive or inappropriate content is a daily thing. You will meet people of different backgrounds and thoughts and because of this a lot of people also quit such community Platforms. If you are one of those people who wants a break from Reddit and wants to delete the Reddit account then it is important to note that even if you delete the account, the comments and posts made by you on Reddit will still remain there. This is what Reddit’s policy says. Having said that, It is important to clean your account before deleting it, and removing all your Reddit Comments is one of the first steps.

There are many ways to remove all the comments from your account and you can use any of the methods. But before proceeding further, Please note that – do not use all methods together. Try one method at a time and if it works for you then that’s Perfect, otherwise move on to the next method.

Delete All Reddit Comments

If you want to delete all your comments or want to remove your Reddit account but without leaving any traces behind then removing comments should be your top priority. As there is no official way to remove the comments in bulk and removing them one by one is a hard task. However, there are a few extensions and scripts that will make this task as easy as a button click and you will see comments getting deleted in no time.

Here are the ways to remove all your comments on Reddit in bulk.

1. Using Nuke Reddit History Extension

Everyone loves Chrome Extensions when it comes to automated tasks. Chrome extensions make it possible to easily perform tasks in bulk. Let it be copying multiple text items at once, or downloading all the images from a web-page, Chrome extensions will make this work really easy.

Nuke Reddit History is one such Chrome Extension. It will help you to remove all your Reddit comments as well as posts in no time. Although, This plugin does require additional support libraries and a little bit of extra configuration before you can actually delete the posts or comments.

Below are the steps to successfully install and use Nuke Reddit Extension.

Step #1: Install Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement suite is an chrome extension that we will need in order to remove the comments from reddit. Click on this link and add the Reddit Enhancement Suite Extension to your browser.

install reddit enchancement suite

Step #2: Add Nuke Reddit History to your chrome browser

Similar to the Reddit Enhancement suite, You have to add the Nuke Reddit History Extension on your browser.

nuke reddit history delete reddit comments

Step #3: Go to the “My Comments” section on Reddit

After you have install both the extensions, Head over to this link – where you will find all your comments.

Step #4: Click on the Nuke Reddit History icon

On the My comments section of Reddit, Click on the Orange “Nuke Reddit History” icon and click on the “Overwrite and deleted all my comments” option. If you want to delete your Reddit posts then follow a similar procedure. However, rather than selecting the comments option, Here you will select the option which says “Delete All my Posts”.

delete all reddit comments

Step #5: Wait till the Process is Complete

Nuke Reddit History will turn your comments or posts into strings of random characters and delete your comments one by one. During this process, you have to make sure that the tab is open and your internet connection is working. Depending upon the number of comments on your account, as well as your internet speed, the Extension will take few minutes before removing all your data.

Once done, The Extension will notify you or you can visit the Chrome tab to check the progress.

2. Remove Reddit Comments Using a Script

Another way to remove Reddit comments from your account is to use a Browser Script. There are many scripts and user script manage extensions available for different browsers such as Tampermonkey. Using these user script managers you can easily run a custom script to delete all the reddit comments at once.

Here are the steps to Follow:

#1. Install a user script manager such as Tampermoney on your browser.

bulk remove reddit comments

#2. Now Visit this link and copy the user script and save it in a notepad or click on the Tempermonkey icon and select “create a new script” option and paste the script in the input field.

use tempermoney script reddit

#3. Go to and the script will start deleting your reddit comments automatically

#4. Once the process is done, Stop the User script manager and restart your browser App.

Final Thoughts!

Reddit is a great place to find new and relevant information on a particular topic. However, over the years it has also turned into a controversial platform because of various discussions that are happening on the website. Reddit is constantly trying to improve its platform and user experience but if you feel that Reddit is not for you then you can always try the given two options to remove all your Reddit comments before deleting your Reddit account. We have also written a detailed article about how you can change your Reddit username.

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