How to Change Your Username on Twitch

[intro]How to Change Twitch Username is the common questions asked among the Twitch users and Twitch Finally answered it with an ability to change your Twitch Username. Previously People used have to change their account and create a brand new Twitch account in order to get their desired name or username on Twitch but with the recent update, you can now change your Twitch name once in 60 days.
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If you ever choose a wrong or funky username just in hope that you will change it later someday but suddenly found out that there is no “Change Username” option on the website and now you have to delete your account and create a new one. This is something a lot of people face especially with community websites.
Community Websites such as Twitch, Reddit or Discord does not allow you to change your Username as you have multiple activities with that username and changing it will hurt your identity on the website and it will get hard to identify scammers and hackers or cheaters. But it is also important to note that sometimes people just create an account in hope of learning a new thing and suddenly get addicted to it and visit that website often, Engage with other people on that platform or even make some new friends at such times having a clean and strong identity on Such social media platforms is really important and thus in this article, we are going to show you how you can easily change your Twitch username with few simple steps.

How to Change Username on Twitch

The Username changing process is quite simple and straightforward and you can easily change your Twitch username using the following steps:

  1. Go to and login with your account credentials if asked.
  2. Click on Profile Picture and select “Settings”.
  3. Under “Profile Settings” Click on Edit Username Button.
  4. Enter Your new username and check for availability.
  5. If Available, Click on Update to change your Twitch Username.


Step 1: Go to

Visit and click on Login Option to Log into your account with the Existing Credentials.
login to Twitch acccount

Step 2: Go to Settings

From the top menu, Click on Profile icon or Profile Picture given at the Top-Right Corner of menu and from Drop-down list select “Settings” option.
click on Twitch Settings icon

Step 3: Change your Twitch Username

After you click on “Settings” from the Drop-down menu a new window will open. There you will see “Profile Settings” and under this tab, there is an option to change your Username. Click on the Pen like icon beside the username tab.
Note: If you have signed up recently or your account is not older than 60 days then you can’t change your Twitch username until your account is at least 60 days old and you will see a message saying “You may update your username again in 1 month”. This applies to new as well as old Twitch accounts and if you don’t see a change username button then you have to create a new Twitch account to get a fresh username or simply wait for the remaining days.
Change twitch username

Step 4: Check for the Available Username

Now as you click on the Edit Username icon and enter a new username, If the Username is available then Twitch will show you a Green Checkbox.

Step 5: Update your new username

If the entered username is available and you are satisfied with your selection the next step is to click on the “Save Changes” button and change the username.
How to change Twitch Username
As soon as you get the Available Username and click on the “Save Changes” button your Username will be updated on all Twitch Sections and your Friends, Followers, and Subscribers can see your new username on Twitch.
After you change your username on Twitch, You have to update the link everywhere otherwise the users will see 404 error when they try to click on the old URL and visit your profile.


As a lot of people requested this feature and Twitch has finally rolled it out, We have seen a lot of Twitch users taking advantage of this feature and change their username to something more appealing and Brandable. As we have seen people earning money from Twitch by donations or from sponsors, It is really important to have a clean profile and unique yet easy to remember username which also defines your identity.
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